Editorial Board

Editorial Board for the Journal of NELTA and Conference Proceedings (18 March 2017-28 February 2020)

Email address for NELTA Editorial Board : neltaeditorialboard@gmail.com 

1. Editor-in-Chief

Dr.  Ram Ashish Giri
Founding Member of NELTA
Faculty Member,
Monash University, English Language Center,
Melbourne, Australia
Email: giri_r_a@hotmail.com, ramashishgiri@gmail.com


2. Deputy-Editor-in-Chief

Dr Binod Luitel
Life Member of NELTA
Associate Professor 
English Education Department, Tribhuvan University (TU)
Researcher, Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Development (CERID), TU
Email: binodluitel71@gmail.com


3. Editor

Dr. Purna Bahadur Rana Kadel
Life Member of NELTA
Central Department of Education,
Faculty of Education, University Campus, Kirtipur TU              
Email: Purna.kadel@tucded.edu.np / kadelpurna@yahoo.com
Cell:  +977-9848029763


4. Editor

Ms. Madhu Neupane
Life Member of NELTA
Lecturer, Department of English Education, TU
M.Ed. (TESOL), University of Sydney, Australia
M.A. in English literature from Tribhuvan University,
Email: madhukneupane@gmail.com
Cell: +9779841738920


5. Editor

Mr. Suman Laudari
Life Member of NELTA
MA TESOL, Lancaster University
PhD Scholar, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Email: laudari.sum@gmail.com


6. Editor

Mr Ashok Raj Khati 
Life Member of NELTA
Rural Education and Environment Development Centre (REED Nepal
Email: akhati32@gmail.com
Cell: +977-9741046930


7. Guest Editor

Prof. Dr. Z..N. Patil (Hyderabad India)
Professor Patil has so far delivered sponsored keynote speeches and plenary talks in Bangladesh, China, Dubai, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Turkey. He has authored several books, textbooks, reference books and teachers' handbooks. He has to his credit some eighty articles on language and soft skills, literature, culture, material production teacher development, etc. 
Email: znpatil@gmail.com