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The Office of English Language Programs is pleased to offer our American English Webinar Series 7.  The 6 online seminars of the course cover a variety of topics and are intended for teachers of English or future teachers of English around the world. Participants who attend 4 out of the 6 webinars will receive certificates. Participants are encouraged to join the associated site at to participate in discussions, view or download video and other materials from the sessions, and access recordings of the webinars.

The series will take place from September 06 – November 15, 2017. Each 60-minute webinar will be held every other Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. [5:45PM Nepal time] or 1:00 am in Washington, D.C. (check  for the time in your region).  
Please send the completed form to before Sunday, July 23, 2017.  Registration is a must to participate in the webinars. We would like to encourage group viewing sessions.

A few days before webinar, you will receive a reminder email with the link to the webinar and discussion questions at 

Download this application form and save it in the computer’s hard disk.
While saving, give your name in the beginning of the file name (example: Bishwa  AE Webinar7)
Complete this form and email it to .

Type of application  [Tick (√ )  one]
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*Group applications are required to list the names and emails of the group members in the application form and send attendance record after the completion of the webinar series (template is given below.)

1.  Mr.  ( )    /      Ms.  ( )     
2. First name:   ______________                                      3. Last name:  ______________    
4. Current residence address:  ______________    
5. Contact (a) Cell phone:  ______________                    (b) Home /work phone:  ______________             
6. Email address:  ______________                                  (b) Rewrite Email address:  ______________            
7. Nationality:  ______________                                         9. Current country of residence:  ______________    
8. Educational institution where you completed your (under) graduate degree:  ______________     
9. Subject/focus of your (under) graduate degree:  ______________    
10. Number of years/months that you have taught English:  ______________    
11. Current job title, and the employer institution:  ______________    
13. Below, mark (√ ) each of the webinar sessions that you plan to attend. 

Participants who attend 4 out of the 6 webinars will receive e-certificates.
1. ( ) September 06, 2017    Connecting Reading and Writing in Grammar Teaching:  A Functional Approach, Presenter: Lottie Baker 
2. ( ) September 20, 2017    To correct or not correct? Ideas for Subtle Correction During Speaking Tasks, Presenter: Elizabeth Hepford
3. ( ) October 04, 2017          Empowering Your Students with Media Literacy, Presenter: Joe McVeigh
4. ( ) October 18, 2017         Presenting Ideas through Digital Storytelling in the English Classroom, Presenter: Eric Wenninger 
5. ( ) November 01, 2017     Understanding Documentation and Draft Writing for Business English, Presenter: Benjamin Taylor
6. ( ) November 15, 2017       Cross-cultural Competence in Business English, Presenter: Lisa Mann

*Template for group application (viewing session) and record of webinar attendance

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