23rd International Conference

Keynote Speaker from UK (British Council)

Richard Smith
Dr Richard Smith has done pioneering work in the fields of teacher-research (involving development of the approach he terms 'exploratory action research'); teaching in difficult circumstances; language teaching history; and learner and 'teacher-learner' autonomy.
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Keynote Speaker from the Department of States, U.S. Embassy

Maggie Sokolik
Dr. Maggie Sokolik holds a BA in Anthropology from Reed College, and an MA in Romance Linguistics and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from UCLA. She is the author of over twenty ESL and composition textbooks. She is Director of College Writing Programs at UC Berkeley.
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Keynote speakers from India

S Mohanraj
Dr. S Mohanraj holds an MA in English Literature from Mysore University, a PGDTE and M.Litt in English Language Teaching from CIEFL Hyderabad and, and Ph.D. in Materials Production from Sardar Patel University. He is also specialized in Teacher Development, Materials Production (English Language Teaching) and Educational Technology.
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Paul Gunashekar
Prof Paul Gunashekar has taught English, trained teachers of English, and developed instructional materials for English Language Teaching for over forty-three years. Educated in Bangalore and London, he was a Professor in the Department of Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation at the English and Foreign Languages University (formerly CIEFL), Hyderabad.
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23rd International Conference of NELTA
15-17 February, 2018

Venue : Galaxy Public School, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu
Theme: Content, Language and Technology: Perspectives and Prospects in ELT


  • Teaching and Researching in English Language Education 
  • Evolving Theories and Innovative Practices in ELT
  • Issues in 21st Century Pedagogy
  • Blended ELT: Prospects and Promises
  • Learner Engagement in EFL Classroom
  • Mobile Technology and English Language Classroom 
  • Moving Forward: Digital ELT for the New Generation
  • Reflective Pedagogy: Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners
  • Multilingual English : New Innovations in ELT
  • Re-conceptualizing ELT : Possibilities and Opportunities
  • Globalization, Multiculturalism and Language Teaching
  • Content, Curriculum and Connectivism
  • Englishes in the Classrooms
  • Input and Interaction in Language Teaching
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching English in Difficult Circumstances
  • English as a Medium of Instruction
  • Innovations in Teaching and Learning 
  • Literature in Language Teaching
  • The Methods and Post-method in ELT
  • ICT in an EFL Classroom
  • Critical Pedagogy in the Language Classroom
  • Learner Autonomy
  • Differentiated Instruction in an EFL Classroom
  • Making English Language Learning Communicative
  • Teacher’s Professional Development
  • Authenticity in Teaching Learning Materials
  • Alternative Assessment in EFL Classrooms
  • Developing 21st Century Skills in ESL/EFL learners
  • Contextualization of  Foreign Language Teaching
  • Home-grown Materials in ELT
  • Native vs. non-native Teacher: Who is Native Anyway?
  • Learning beyond the Classroom: Responding to Learning Strategies
  • Celebrating Variety in a Language Classroom
  • Linking Research and Classroom Teaching
  • ELT in Disaster Recovery
  • Creativity in the Language Classroom
  • Improving Language Learning: Styles-and Strategies-Based Instruction
  • Culture as the Core in the Second Language Classroom
  • Developing Materials for Language Teaching
  • Social Justice in English Language Teaching
  • Language and Policy
  • Language and Globalization
  • "Excellence" in English Language Teaching
  • English to Prepare for Lives
  • Multilingually, Marginality and ELT


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