Keynote Speaker from India (Prof Paul)

Prof Paul Gunashekar has taught English, trained teachers of English, and developed instructional materials for English Language Teaching for over forty-three years.  Educated in Bangalore and London, he was a Professor in the Department of Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation at the English and Foreign Languages University (formerly CIEFL), Hyderabad. Having served the university as Proctor, Dean of English Language Education, and Dean of Publishing at different times, he retired from EFLU in October 2017.

Prof Gunashekar has authored, co-authored and edited over two hundred English teaching books — including course books, workbooks, supplementary and literature readers, teacher’s books and reading cards. In addition, he has developed audio materials for schools and video programmes for colleges. He has conducted over a thousand teacher-training workshops in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania.  He has several research publications, notably the Directory of ELT Research in India, and edited the EFLU research journal Languaging.

Awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship for ELT research in the UK, Prof Gunashekar specializes in materials development, course design, teacher development, and English for Specific Purposes. He is adviser and Indian English consultant to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary.