Call for manuscript submission 2022


Volume 27, Issue 1, 2022

Call for manuscript submission

The Journal of NELTA is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published once a year by Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA). The next issue of the Journal will go to production in December, 2022. The Editorial Board of the Journal encourages ELT practitioners in Nepal and around the world to submit their articles/papers for the upcoming issue of the Journal.

The presenters of the recently concluded International Conference of NELTA (March 2022) are encouraged to consider submitting their papers for this year’s issue of the Journal.

We welcome original, unpublished and insightful manuscripts addressing any issues of ELT including the following:

1. Critical pedagogy for changing times

2. Language curriculum in the new context

3. Liberalizing language assessment

4. Language learning and digital media

5. Foreign language learning for international practices

6. Develop speaking activities for online platform

7. Academic writing in online learning environment: Tools and techniques

8. Collaborative writing in online environment: Methods and tools

9. Engaging learners in online writing environment

10. Web based tools for blended academic writing in TESOL

11. Classroom management in new normal

12. Teaching literature in virtual mode

13. Rethinking teachers’ role in language learning

14. Learner autonomy and creativity

15. Online instructions to assess learner’s participation

16. Developing local materials for ELT

17. Learning beyond the classroom and responding strategies

18. Linking research and classroom teaching

19. English for professional use

20. Research in ELT policy and planning

21. Mentoring: the way forward for novice teachers

22. Multilingualism in education: future prospective

23. Autoethnography and transformative learning


The deadline for manuscript submission for this year’s issue is 15 July, 2022. Please visit article submission guidelines at the Journal of NELTA website through 

 Submissions may be made for any one of the following categories:

1. Full-fledged feature articles

2. Action research reports

3. Practical teaching ideas

4. Book reviews


Manuscripts for submissions must follow the suggested guidelines available at, and then on the website of the Journal of NELTA. All inquiries and contributions should be sent to the Editorial Board of NELTA at