NELTA International Virtual Think-in-2022


Date: 11-13 March 2022 (Time: 15:00-19:10, Nepal Standard Time)

Venue: Kathmandu (Virtual)

Theme: Expanding Frontiers of Language Education: Rechanneling the Potentials in the New Normal


1. Critical pedagogy for changing times
2. Language curriculum in the new context
3. Liberalizing language assessment
4. Language learning and digital media
5. Foreign language learning for international practices
6. Develop speaking activities for online platform
7. Academic writing in online learning environment: Tools and techniques
8. Collaborative writing in online environment: Methods and tools
9. Engaging learners in online writing environment
10. Web based tools for blended academic writing in TESOL
11. Classroom management in new normal
12. Teaching literature in virtual mode
13. Rethinking teachers’ role in language learning
14. Learner autonomy and creativity
15. Online instructions to assess learner’s participation
16. Developing local materials for ELT
17. Learning beyond the classroom and responding strategies
18. Linking research and classroom teaching
19. English for professional use
20. Research in ELT policy and planning
21. Mentoring: the way forward for novice teachers
22. Multilingualism in education: Future prospective

Conference Details

Location: Kathmandu (Virtual)
From : 11th March, 2022
To : 13th March, 2022

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