#Stay at Home, Continue to Learn Webinar

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# Stay AT Home continue to learn webinar series

Title: Wellbeing and stress management for teachers- a brief walk through

Date: 4th June 2021 Time: 4-5 PM Nepal Time

Organizers: British Council Nepal and NELTA https://www.nelta.org.np/ https://www.britishcouncil.org.np

Targeted audiences: Teachers from primary and secondary level and teacher trainers

Participants: 310+

Mode: Virtual through MS. Teams

Presenters: From NELTA   Sumnima Dewan She is a wellbeing coach. With degrees from University of London, Harvard and Cornell, she has been providing tailor made well-being classes to working professionals under 50. She is also a key trainer of Personal Development (Leadership) course provided by White Lotus Centre where she leads on components such as Emotional Intelligence and work/ life balance.)

From British Council : Marie Delaney She is an educational consultant and educational psychotherapist. She is also a former English teacher, teacher trainer, author etc. Moderator: Vaishali Pradhan, Head of English and Education, British Council Nepal

Objectives: The objectives of the session were to: - to define what wellbeing is. - to identify what affects your own wellbeing. - to understand internal and external factors. - to identify the particular stressors in teaching. - to use some practical strategies to manage your own wellbeing.

Highlights of the webinar: - Housekeeping rules were shared. (e.g. Keep yourself on mute for listener, Switch off the video by the participants, Use chat box to ask questions to presenters, Use the raise hand button in case the participants have important to share). - Wellbeing incorporates healthy and happy life. - Work, politics and home environment are external factors of wellbeing whereas happiness and joys are internal factors of wellbeing. - Spiritual health is needed for wellbeing. - Foods, exercise, sleep, quality time with families are prominent parts for wellbeing. - Some tips for wellbeing are: o Eat 3 complete meals o Exercise/ walk minimum 30 minutes a day o Ensure for quality time with your better half o Make also quality time for family o Self-reflect for at least 10 minutes o Good night-be thankful for today. Sleep blissfully for 8-9 hours o Good morning-smile! And be confident about having a wonderful day o Have a good day! Everyday. - Covid affects our brains and our thoughts. - Be perfect, Be strong and Try harder. - Follow STOP technique o S: Stop o T: Take a breath o O: Observe what is happening, acknowledge of feeling o P: Proceed with something helpful - Mini habits for managing stress: o Take a 1minute pause and a few deep breaths o List what you can and can’t control o Focus on what is working-list it o Text a friend who makes you feel good o Watch a 1minute funny video o Cross off things as you do them o 7-9 hours sleep o Exercise o Use positive self-talk-what would you say to a friend, be kind o Shake it out o Muscle tense and then relax o Square breathing or balloon berating o Inner smile visualization Please click the link given below for more information: Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p_PC9Ifw4U

Next Webinar date: July 02, 2021 4-5 pm Nepal Time

Title: How can parents and caregivers support remote learning at home?

Link for registration: https://forms.gle/SANC3pXhDRGyx3cz6

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