RELO-NELTA Webinar: Successful Completion

RELO-NELTA Online Live Webinar 2020

Seven-day (26 July-1st August) Online Webinar Series on THE TEACHERS FOR TEACHERS ON ACTION RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION, AND TEACHER TRAINING was successfully completed. It was jointly organized by the Regional English Language Office, the U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu and the Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA). The English Language Specialist DR. RAMIN YAZDAN PANAH facilitated 7 days webinar along with NELTA local Teacher educators from seven provinces daily on action research, integrating technology in the classroom, and teacher training. The Webinar was conducted through ZOOM and broadcasted live in NELTA Facebook. More than 900 participants  participated from 30 countries.

First day was begun with the welcome speech by Mr. Curtis Chan, RELO, the US Embassy and Ms. Motikala Subba Dewan, NELTA President. Mr. Bishwa Raj Gautam, RELO Program Specialist moderated the webinar. Mr. Ashok Sapkota, NELTA Treasurer, Ms. Sarita Dewan, NELTA Training Coordinator and Mr. Himal KC, NELTA Member provided technical support.

Mr. Nara Prasad Bhandari (Province 1), Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Ms. Ritu Kumari Tiwary (Province 2), Ms. Manuka Adhikari, Mr. Rameshwar Thakur(Province 3), Dr. Nabaraj Neupane (Province 4), Mr. Gopal Prasad Bashyal, Ms. Pratiskha Gautam (Province 5),  Mr. Bishnu Kumar Khadka, Ms. Kalpana Paudel (Province 6), and Mr. Ramji Hamal, Laxman Datta Bhatta (Province 7) presented papers on the theme. The objectives of the webinars were to enhance the professional competencies and digital literacy and to minimize the digital gap in teaching and learning. The topics of this webinar series ranged from the teachers’ identity to professional strategies in teaching, from conceptualizing and conducting action research to integrating technology with the classroom content.

On the last day of webinar Prof. Dr. Laxman Gnawali, NELTA Senior Vice President provided 6 days reflection in brief. In addition, Mr. Curtis Chan provided vote of thanks to all the presenters and participants.

NELTA remains grateful to Mr. Curtis Chan, RELO, and Mr. Bishwa Raj Gautam, RELO Program Specialist, U.S. Embassy for their effort and support to materialize it, as well as the Province Presidents, Chairs of Branches and esteemed participants from home and abroad to make the sessions interactive, insightful, and knowledgeable.

For details Booklet: click the link below:

RELO NELTA Online Conference 2020 booklet

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Posted on : 27th June, 2020
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RELO-NELTA Webinar: Successful Completion
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